CNC Machines for Gunsmiths

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3D Experience World: Modern CNC machines for gunsmiths. A showcase of CNC with some history.

Original U.S. Army Trainfire video

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U.S. Army Trainfire has had several changes since its implementation in 1955. This video demonstrates how Trainfire used to be conducted. Note, the original course culminated into eight tables of fire, including shooting from position and while advancing on targets.

Sniper Training video

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German Sniper Training video. Historical German sniper training film from World War II with English overdubs and captions.

Gun Sales before 1968

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Had to redo this one after switching to a different newsletter platform.

Leadership on Combat Readiness

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The Crime Spike Is No Mystery.

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The Crime Spike Is No Mystery. It’s true in Illinois, and elsewhere. A follow-on to what data is revealed when Statisticians Study Gun Control.

Combat Readiness via Surprise Matches


Combat Readiness via Surprise Matches. Learn from Soldiers discussing the effect competitive shooting and surprise matches have on training and combat readiness.

Combat Readiness via Surprise Matches

Statisticians Study Gun Control

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Anti-gun statisticians objectively study the data of gun control policy and report the results. Here are the results of three independent studies. Click to learn what they found

Connors on Combat

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Old West Marksmanship

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Despite popular myth, not everyone in possession of a firearm in the various American Western territories during the 19th century was an expert marksman. Just as today, many gun owners are novice marksmen and gun handlers. With greater access to information in the form of organized shooting events and competitions, and published educational resources such as books, videos, and other outlets, gun owners have more opportunities to learn than ever before. Contrast this to a person traveling along the frontier with no access to shooting clubs, libraries or book stores, or the Internet.

Marksmanship in the Old West with free historical book download, “How I Became a Crack Shot”. Click to read.

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