A Beginner’s Guide to Rifle Scope Mounts

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When considering mounting a scope to a rifle, there are lots of options on the market. Not all of them will be a great fit for your rifle and scope needs, plus certain models of firearms, like AK rifles, will be inherently harder to mount optics on them.

Thus, today, we’re going to walk through some of the types of scope mounts available.
For each type of scope, we’ll begin with a little bit of an explanation. Following that, the ideal use-case for each kind of mount will help you decide if it’s for you, as will taking note of some potential downsides.
This article will provide a basic overview and help you pick out the kind of mount that you need.
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Wind Reading Classes

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A gold mine of wind reading classes, for free! You’re welcome.

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Shooting Environments

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Combat Readiness

Qualifications are staged environments on a one-way range. Marine and Army qual courses have remained the same for decades with the courses published in official regulations. Police courses are just as bad. The minimal standards needed to graduate recruit/basic/academy training remain the same throughout an entire career with no skill progression required.

Qualifications are intended to be passed by low-skill shooters and retries are offered for anyone failing. Where is the stress in that? And such low-level qualification remains the only time skills are measured and held accountable at all. Even if “advanced” tactical and force-on-force exercises are conducted, their value and interpretation is often subjective. As long as we all agree we did a good enough job and learned something when congratulating ourselves during the AAR, then we’re tactical.

Funny thing, competition has been proven by laboratory tests to consistently create a large amount of stress hormones and continued competitive experience does not blunt this effect. However, any stress created in non-scored, non-competitive environments has also been proven via laboratory tests to diminish notably by the third time a novice tries it, even when that third attempt happens on the first day during attention-grabbing events like parachuting. A brand new parachutist experiences less stress hormones during the third jump on their first day than an experienced competitor with a decade of experience and hundreds of competitions under their belt. This makes that “under no stress” qualifier a real problem for tactical instruction but not for competitive environments.

The best answer is to blend all the useful characteristics from multiple sources. Recognize that many things are beneficial but nothing provides a complete solution. A person with a reasonable competitive track record that shoots well, is in good shape, has formal tactical training in non-staged environments, and experience in force-on-force exercises is the best combination.

Why High Standards Matter

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Spotting Scope Maintenance

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Spotting Scope Maintenance
If you want to ensure that your spotting scope is in working order, simply cleaning the lens from time to time will do the trick. However, if you want your spotting scope to retain its reliability and quality, you’ll need to put some extra effort into it.

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Analysis: “The only purpose of a gun”

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Analysis: “The only purpose of a gun is to kill”

Gun Control Claim: Guns have only one purpose, and that is to kill. AR-15 rifles specifically are meant to kill as many people as efficiently as possible.

This claim comes up over and over again, not only in comments sections online but straight from politicians’ mouths. When people make this claim, they’re trying to set up a discussion on demonstrating “need” when exercising a right, which is never used in considering any other rights. The most usual response is to provide examples of lawful uses that gun owners engage in every single day.

Rather than provide counter-examples of lawful uses, let’s hit this one head-on.

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RIP Jack Arcularius

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Jack Arcularius was laid to rest during a ceremony at Camp Perry prior to the 2022 National Trophy Match. Jack was a retired Marine, Vietnam Veteran and father of SFC John Arcularius.

Link to ceremony video:


Interview with Jack Arcularius:

Jack Arcularius: Sniper Training History

Training Scars and Shooting Skill

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The “training scar” fallacy is a popular myth that refuses to die. It typically stems from making unsubstantiated claims against some aspect of competitive shooting. The truth is, increased scores in competition is only possible by improving your Shot Process, which will benefit all aspects of weapon use in every environment – on the range and off.
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Motion to Dismiss the NFA of 1934

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Trouble in the Arms Room

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How to avoid trouble in the arms room. Learn and understand Procedures and Regulations.

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Building and bedding match-grade rifles

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