Report: High School Gun Clubs

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The high schools which are equipped with this subtarget gun machine have organized rifle clubs, and are holding interscholastic contests in the armories of the different regiments of the National Guard, shooting with .22-caliber ammunition, and are displaying great proficiency.

The movement has the hearty support of the President of the United State, who has accepted the office of honorary vice-president of the league, and also has announced his intention of writing to the boy who attains the greatest skill in the rifle matches during the year a personal letter of congratulation and commendation.

At the present time there are over 7,000 young men being instructed in these high schools in shooting with a military rifle as issued by the War Department.

Report on the Feasibility and Advisability of some Policy to Inaugurate a System of Rifle Practice throughout the Public Schools of the Country

U.S. Law and Marksmanship

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How does current United States federal law formally define a militia? How does it relate to the National Guard and individual gun owners?

Read the actual legal definitions, not social media opinions:

Rooney Gun Evolved

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Even an all-time great can lose the plot on occasion. Jeff Cooper is no exception. He railed against early firearm improvements found in competitions as “rooney guns” claiming there was no practical benefit to be had. This despite the legacy of competitive shooting leading the way in technique and equipment improvement.

It’s part of the Evolution of Firearms Training

Well, Gunsite has finally caught up to current state of the art, unveiling their new Glock Gunsite Service Pistol (GGSP), billed as the evolution of the Modern Fighting Pistol.

Glock Gunsite Service Pistol (GGSP) (previously known as an IPSC Modified “rooney gun”


U.S. House Range Access Act Introduction

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H.R. 1614, the Range Access Act, was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Blake Moore (R-Utah). This legislation seeks to increase and improve outdoor recreation opportunities across the nation while improving infrastructure and driving economic growth in rural communities.

The immediate benefit of this legislation is providing public access to safe recreational shooting ranges, especially in rural areas. Background checks for firearm sales saw a record of 21 million in 2020 and another 18.5 million in 2021 and 16.4 million in 2022. Those gun owners, many of whom are first-timers, are in need of safe and modern ranges to practice marksmanship skills.

This legislation has the added benefit of supporting wildlife conservation and improving recreational shooting access. Recreational shooting is tied to approximately 85 percent of the Pittman-Robertson excises taxes currently being paid by firearm and ammunition manufacturers, making it a major driving contributor to wildlife conservation. Since the Pittman-Robertson excise tax was enacted in 1937, firearm and ammunition makers have paid $25.38 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars for conservation and construction and improvement of public recreational shooting ranges.

Gunsmith Lathe Work

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Video demonstration of gunsmith lathe work.

The Making of a Shooter

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The Making of a Shooter: Classic American shooting disciplines applicable for gun owners wanting to go beyond basic safe ownership. Click to watch and learn.

Shooting skill levels

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Shooting skill levels. How do marksmanship skills tested in military and law enforcement qualifications compare?

USMC Marksmanship demo:

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Historical USMC Marksmanship demo: Overview of basic U.S. Marine Corps marksmanship and how it used to be taught.

Red Dot Sights

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Red Dot Sights: How-to on red dot/reflex sights and optical sight essentials. Click for more.

Militia Definition

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Current Federal law definition:
§246. Militia: composition and classes

Current Federal law on arms for civilians: 36 USC Subtitle II, Part B, CHAPTER 407, SUBCHAPTER II:

“You get your militia arms from the government” That’s why the Department of Civilian Marksmanship was created. The DCM started as a U.S. Army funded program and put into law under Title 10. The purpose was (and is) to help keep American citizens well regulated in their use of arms, whether assigned to the National Guard (Organized Militia) and those that are not (Unorganized Milita). This program was transferred under Title 36 and is now the Civilian Marksmanship Program with headquarters at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Formal shooting experience via the National Matches, the Small Arms Firing School, and local shooting events around the country provide opportunities to keep and maintain the well regulated use of arms by American citizens.

Arms for sale to the Unorganized Militia, per U.S. federal law. Thanks, CMP!

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