American Handgunner interviewed Jack Weaver about the beginnings of practical shooting and how he developed the stance that bears his name. There are several important revelations to be gleaned here.

“I missed the first one [Leather Slap] because I didn’t even know it was taking place.”
The inventor of the stance that would define practical shooting up through the early Eighties almost didn’t show up because he wasn’t aware such an event existed. How telling! This problem continues to hamper gun owners. We need a better system for promoting shooting events.

Competition shooting has been the driving force behind marksmanship and the evolution of practical pistol shooting is yet more evidence. Weaver says that his only motivation for developing his stance was to win the Leatherslap contests he started participating in during the late 1950’s.

Point shooters continue to claim that their technique works better. Yet, as Weaver realized, it was the failure of these methods to produce consistent results that motivated him to figure out something better.

But none of this would have come to pass if the events weren’t held.

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