Myth – “Dry fire is a poor substitute for shooting live ammo.”

Fact – Dry practice is superior training for almost every facet of shooting and gun handling.

Every firearm will have the same heft, sights and trigger release whether there is live ammunition in the chamber or not. The process is identical, from presentation until the hammer hits home, both dry and live.

Not only can any manipulation up through trigger release can be learned and refined through dry practice, this is a superior way to learn. Physiologists estimate that it takes most humans about 3,000 correct repetitions in order to imbed a physical skill at the subconscious level. That is correct repetitions.

Without recoil to mask error, hold and press can be evaluated more easily. Recoil, blast and noise often causes an unconscious reaction in most people, otherwise known as a flinch. Plus, there is no ammunition cost and no range requirement so training can be done anywhere at anytime making it easier to work toward those initial 3000 reps.