Should we get rid of the M-16/AR-15 rifle from military service and replace it? Or should we keep it?

>> the gas piston is better in that it keeps firing despite fouling.

I keep hearing this story, that the AR-15 is doomed to fail because of excessive fouling.

Consider the fact that USAR shooting team members are often issued more ammo per year than six active duty members of a Special Forces ‘A’ team combined (AC ODA/ODB, See DA Pam 350–38, Chapter 12.)

Consider also that most USAR shooting team members follow the maintenance advice given by ArmaLite, the company that employed Eugene Stoner when he invented the AR-15. See ArmaLite, Inc., TECHNICAL NOTE 29, RIFLE CLEANING,%20Rifle%20Cleaning,%2099.04.pdf

I have removed the bolt from the carrier of my issue M16A2 and A4 for cleaning exactly three times each since I received them in 2005. Despite the fact that I am cleaning even less often than Armalite recommends I have yet to have a stoppage thousands of rounds later. Fellow shooting team members, both Combat and Service Rifle, mirror my experience.

Clear it, pull out the carrier, wipe it and the insides of the receiver out with a rag and brush, relube as per the TM and reassemble. Two minutes, DONE!

>> CLP attracts sand like crazy. There are better ones on the market,

I keep hearing about the magical “CLP sand magnet”, where sand throws itself at every weapon cursed with Breakfree. Yet, every marksman with a combat tour I’ve interviewed has experienced the same thing I have: Regular (at least daily) maintenance is required regardless of weapon or lubricant type. Maintenance need only take one to two minutes as a quick wipe down will do.

There are other products available that work well (maybe even better), but CLP/Breakfree is fine. In fact, every vet I’ve talked to that had other lubricants available ultimately chose to switch back to CLP and was satisfied with that choice.

A number of shooting team members have been deployed overseas and saw combat, yet not a single one of them experienced any of these issues. Why is it that truly skillful, champion marksmen with combat tours are not seeing all these claimed problems?