Is Your Practical Shooting Sensible?

From the book Perfect Practice by Saul Kirsch

Chapter One, General Guidelines to Quality Practice, page 2

The “KISS” principle: Keep It Simple and Small.

I am an advocate of practicing small drills and simple exercises with many repetitions, rather than shooting big stages. I believe you can more effectively improve a technique by repeating it many times. In addition, you can better isolate the skill you are working on by not combining it in a stage that inevitably introduces additional elements.

If you are practicing reloads, there is no need to complicate it by drawing the gun from the holster – start with the gun in hand. If you are training shooting on the move, don’t add the complication of reloading in the middle of the string (unless complication is what you are after!)

Building complex stages takes time. And you need to wait your turn if you are shooting in a group. This reduces the number of repetitions you can do and makes the session ineffective.