Costs are up! The end is nigh! Or is this more a problem of perception?, a great forum discussing the Conventional Shooting discipline of High Power rifle, recently had a thread discussing the costs of shooting and, using the price of gasoline, better put this in perspective.

In 1942, gasoline was 19.9 cents a gallon and John Garand was making $3800 a year as a senior engineer at Springfield Armory. That works out to $1.90 an hour. So 10 gallons of gas was an upper middle class worker’s hourly wage.

Today an upper middle class wage may be $40/hr or $80K a year. At $4 a gallon, it has the same bite as it did in 1942, except we can get cars that make 30-40mpg, while a WW II car was likely to get 10mpg or worse.

When adjusted for inflation gas was about as expensive in 1981 as today.

Not trying to jusify inflation, just trying to put things in perspective.