Anyone who owns a TV and a firearm realizes that shows about shooting are conspicuously absent.

I’ve heard people make comment that the reason shooting competitions don’t make TV is because they are “boring” or don’t have “spectator appeal.” Yet we have things like golf and bowling on TV.  Why?

These sports organizations have managed to convince television networks that these activities will bring an audience and the networks have convinced their advertisers of the same.  The organizers of these televised sports have found a way to video their respective sport to make them appeal to a wide enough audience.  There are enough regular viewers to keep the broadcasts going.

That is the only reason any sports show makes it on television.

If, and only if, we as shooters can convince the networks that competitive marksmanship has the same appeal, we will have a shooting program.

Consider that a show with less than 20 million viewers enjoys a prime time slot on a major TV network (CBS, ABC, NBC).  The Super Bowl, which enjoys the largest audience of *any* show has just over 100 million viewers.

There are 80 million gun owners in this country.  What would happen if the gun owners asked for a shooting show? The so-called anti-gun media will not ignore the repeated requests of tens of millions of viewers.  It would be financial suicide.

When enough people make enough requests for shooting shows, we will have them.  If the requests never materialize, then the current venue will remain.

It’s as simple as that.