Pro-gun activists and lobbyists debate on the best approach to defeating anti-rights forces. Too bad their approach is usually wrong.

The greatest need is to get the non-shooter regularly involved in an organized shooting activity of their own choosing. All varieties of organized events need to be readily available and promoted in the local areas where the events are held, the ultimate grass roots approach. Most important of all, minimize the work effort needed for shooters and clubs to affect all this. This will automatically improve the political effort by providing local and on-going positive examples of good gun ownership.

Pick a discipline you like, attend and promote it! Plinking is OK, when done safely, but it is less useful than a casual game of “Horse” in developing skills. Hunting is great, but lasts for only a few days or weeks each year. CCW/self-defense is important, but most people will never be forced to defend themselves.

Shooting on the range is available 365 days a year. With organized events we can promote and demonstrate our best skilled marksmen. Is this effective? Ask the NFL, NBA, PGA, etc., if promoting organized
competition and highly skilled participants is an effective way to promote an activity!

A common myth is that shooting can’t be a spectator sport and never will be. Shooting does NOT have to be boring to watch! Outside of the U.S., “conventional” events (3 Position rifle, Free Pistol, etc.) are televised in
their entirety. Shooting events at the Olympics routinely sell out stadiums with 5,000+ seating capacity.

Are the current venue of shooting games too boring to watch? Create something different! HunterShooter has a big game target system that simulates target angle, gives instant feedback, and resets itself. Any shooting sport can measure elapsed times to 0.01 second and can display the results on an electronic board in real time. All this equipment is available at a price that is affordable for small shooting clubs or even individual shooters. With some thought an endless variety of shooting contests can be as fast and exciting as any televised sport, even for a live audience.

Most important of all is finding ways to get rank-and-file gun owners interested and involved. Word of mouth is the most effective approach to spread an idea and with eighty million mouths, the estimated number of gun owners in the U.S., we can reach most Americans. Except for the fact that an insignificant percentage of gun owners are aware, much less participate in these activities.

Less than two percent of NRA members participate in organized shooting activity sanctioned by the NRA. For every 100 card-carrying NRA members 98 have not participated in organized events recognized by the organization they pay membership dues to. With numbers like that our biggest problem is us.