At one time, it appeared like it might happen! Read on.

A New Olympic Sport?

by Craig “Dolomite” Dilley

Action Pistol at the Olympics? I agreed with the popularly expressed sentiment: ‘Not a snowball’s chance in hell.’

I thought everybody else in the world HATED guns. I thought the Olympics generally gave the cold shoulder to the shooting sports. Top this off with the abject contemptuous, and totally uncool slap in the face American gold medallist Nancy Johnson received from our own (unbiased all the way) media outlets — c’mon, you don’t think that the first gold given out at the 2000 Olympics to an American woman is just a wee bit newsworthy? I’d given up all hope that a sport as relevant today as IPSC would ever be given any respect.

And then I did a little research: At I found a link to the newsletter archive. In the 8/6/99 newsletter I found out their plans to have an exhibition match at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

The significance of this event astounds me – what better example of man’s struggle through time could you provide other than by displaying the similarities and contrasts of the ancient to the modern (from javelins to pistols), and where else, but in the birthplace of the original games? Face it, if it weren’t for the need of man to defend and provide for himself and his family – there would be no Olympics or for that matter, sports in general (we’d all sit around all day and eat constantly, although Professional Bowling might still exist).

If the javelins hadn’t turn into arrows, and other, speedier projectiles (such as an 830-fps hardball from a 1911) didn’t in turn replace the arrows; we’d all still be living in grass huts in complete serfdom. Yes, that’s right — just because people wanted to do everything from finding a quicker way of putting food on the table, to showing off to a neighbor his proficiency with a tool of war, we have the Raison d’etre for not just metallurgy – but for all of technology! These international gatherings lend themselves as the only way a country, in displaying its overall suitability and outright toughness, can make a statement of superiority over another without killing a bunch of people. Is this not civilized?

If you are not fascinated or excited about this please check yourself for a pulse. Only two questions remain, will America dominate and where can I try out?

PS: And if you don’t think this is for real, check out the full panic mode that the fretful ‘haus frau’s’ over at the Violence Policy Center are in the midst of: This makes for some seriously funny reading (Oh, damn thee gun lobby… Why doth you make me buy the guns?).”

OK “Dolomite” was a little over enthusiastic in stating the possibility of Practical Shooting in the 2004 games, even as an exhibition sport. The International Olympic Committee will only allow shooting contests governed by the International Shooting Sports Federation (the old UIT). ISSF will not recognize IPSC, despite several concerted efforts on IPSC’s part (including the changing to ‘ameba’ target), and that has caused a lot of bad blood between the two.

However, it is still being kicked around. ( Who knows?