Ball sports are anti-gun. With tongue-in-cheek, let’s look at some tidbits collected from various sources.

This was best put by Bill O’Connor, as quoted by Jeff Cooper:

“A golf course is the willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range.”

First are the physical safety hazards. The National Safety Council has conducted research demonstrating that more people are injured golfing than hunting. Organized shooting on a range is safer still, while other ball sports are more dangerous.

Then there is the negative environmental impact of maintaining a golf course. The run off from obscene amounts of fertilizers and other harsh chemicals makes lead concerns pale in comparison, especially when you consider that lead is a naturally occurring element harvested from the very ground we shooters return it to.

To top it all off, golfing is just stupid. Even if you get good at it, what does that prove? Marksmanship skills are actually useful!

This applies to football, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, and every other “stick and stone” sport. Who were the con men that managed to convince the masses that these silly games are worthy pursuits?

It is a terrific idea to drop the whole enterprise. The major networks and cable stations should televise the USPSA Nationals, ATA Grand American, CMP/NRA events (Camp Perry, Action Pistol, Silhouette, etc.) and all the Olympic shooting games. They do in other countries, some of which don’t allow private citizens own firearms.

If you insist on playing the occasional round of golf (emphasis on occasional) perhaps you might consider taking an old rifle stock and stuffing it in your golf bag. You can tell on lookers that you are trying to “shoot” par.