Finally, someone who gets it!

I’ve decided for about the last 6 months that except for initial sight in, I’m not shooting off of a bench anymore. I want to test how I can shoot, not how the rifle shoots.

Wish we could have you “mind meld” with every gun owner in the country!

Let’s start with the gun rag writers who’ve infected an entire generation of gun owners into doing STUPID things, like using bench rest techniques with field rifles. Hunters should emulate competitive High Power shooters, not competitive Bench Rest folks.

Zeroing off a bench gets you a zero from the bench, so this ignores the possible point of impact errors. The book definition of a “true zero” also includes the position fired from. Non-shooters, like your typical hunter bang-bang-boy types, would likely be shocked to learn that smallbore and high power shooters sometimes adjust their sights when changing position even when shooting the same target, distance, rifle ammo combination.

For me, going from sling-prone to sling cross-legged sitting with a field rifle (Savage Scout with a Ching Sling) moves my PoI to the right about 1 MoA at 200 yards. Shooting an open legged sitting, while less steady, doesn’t give me a PoI shift. Of course, the majority of hunters in this country probably don’t shoot well enough to notice a 1-2 MoA PoI change at typical hunting distances, or even what that means…