What do you consider to be mandatory skillsets for someone carrying a firearm in polite society?
Civilians that carry concealed should test against basic, MEASURED courses of fire that meet or exceed local law enforcement POST requirements. However, I’m generally opposed to government mandated courses/skillsets because they allow too much intrusion and, worse, they don’t work.Government/public sector has mandatory skillsets for military and police, and your typical soldier and cop is still a lousy marksman. I believe positive peer pressure is a better solution. The government doesn’t require it, but every self-respecting CCW holds him/herself to some standard because “everybody’s doing it.”

We should have published, well-promoted courses of fire, endorsed and encouraged by the firearms industry. Included with the purchase of every gun-related item would be that company’s suggested course(s) of fire, or an incentive to sign up for the shooting activity or organizations they recommend.

Clubs/ranges will host events based on what company and organization supports their activities best. Companies benefit by having local ranges promote their brand through these activities, and knowing their customers are better, safer shooters.

As to specifics, start with something simple. I think anyone considering carrying a handgun on the street should be able to shoot a clean two-target vice prez in, say, nine seconds or better. With your equipment set up as you would wear it on the street, start facing two targets (IPSC/IDPA/etc) at 7 meters. Engage each with two rounds, reload, and reengage.

We can argue about what course is best, but the idea is to set some kind of minimum standard. Can you toe the line, and handle your firearm (and yourself) under time and peer pressure without looking like a jackass? Yeah, nobody got attacked by a cardboard target, but I’ve seen self-appointed “real combat shooters” fall apart when put on a clock and facing down paper and steel.