Encouraging shooting activity will boost sales and help on the political front!

Considering sales, as a rule of thumb, who is more likely to buy new gun-related products: A fellow shooting a 1-2 boxes of ammo a year who goes to the range 1-2 times a year or a fellow shooting 1-2 cases and attends shooting events 1-2 times a month?

The current trend is to dilute the market with an over abundance of nearly identical items, trying to hype readers until they believe they “need” the new Magnum of the Month.  But this doesn’t help readers become better or safer shooters, and doesn’t encourage them to shoot more.  So gun sales are helped little, but ammo, accessory, targets, and range time doesn’t sell that much more.

A better strategy is to persuade readers into become more active shooters.

This will have a bigger effect on the gun industry.

  • – At the very least, readers will definately need more consumables (ammo, supplies, etc.) and will buy more accessories, targets, etc. to do all this extra shooting.
  • – Ranges will get much more traffic if gun owners stop golfing and shoot more often.  Maybe your community will build a proposed range instead of a golf course.  Maybe profitable range franchises will become possible.
  • – Getting folks interested in different disciplines will still help gun sales, as a regular participant needs an appropriate firearm and will improve/replace current arms as they show their age after thousands of rounds down range.  A box-a-year hunter can go 50 years without wearing out his piece.  A competition shooter will at least need to replace springs, parts, barrels (if not buy a whole new gun) at least once every couple seasons.
  • – Selling the notion of becoming a more active shooter also helps the reader directly, as they improve their skills.
  • – With more activity there is more visibility, allowing gun owners to showcase our best.  Backed by an organization with a solid publicity infrastructure, local media will regularly report positive stories of area marksman and their accomplishments, flooding out rare negative stories.  Winners of local club matches will be better recognized than starting ball players from the area school teams.