I’ve added additional articles on the history of issue firearm reliability:

M1 Garand

M14, Part 1

M14, Part 2

AK-47 Reliability Problems

Qualify with the AK-47

AK-47 and AR-15: Reliability after extreme round counts

M16/M4 Extreme Dust Test

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The reliability of the AR-15 vs. the AK-47 designs are babbled about routinely. Here is the only factor that matters.

Any mechanism can break or become fouled to a point that it ceases to function. Kalashnikov’s famed design has a deserved reputation for reliability but it is just a gas-operated, self-loading small arm and it has more in common with the AR-15 than differences.

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While certainly not definitive tests, these videos are enlightening:

AK47: Mud Test

AR-15: Mud Test

Vietnam Era M16: Mud Test

AR-15: No cleaning for 31,165 rounds.

I guess not even the AK is flawless and the AR just might work under harsh conditions. Go figure!