Armed Response: Don’t Isolate Your Draw Stroke

Interesting video with good points, but I fear the message may be misinterpreted.

This notion of  there being some magical difference between competition/range technique and street/tactical technique is largely false, at least in terms of marksmanship and most gun handling skill. Any efficient, practiced shooting or handling technique capable of winning in a practical  match is probably the most efficient approach to winning elsewhere.

Street/tactical guys perform poorly at practical shooting events because they aren’t as skilled as they think they are. Period.

You isolate the motion of a presentation to remove UNWANTED extraneous, wasteful motion. Once an efficient presentation is learned, it can be incorporated with any needed defensive movement. Moving your hips back, as demonstrated, might be a good idea if it serves a needed purpose. Doing it as a spastic, untrained motion needlessly wastes time.

Finally, there are many practical shooting events where “staying rooted” means losing. Movement there is part of the course.