The following guest  article was written and submitted by John Veit

We welcome a variety of points of view on the subjects of shooting and marksmanship. Test them objectively on the range and let the results fall where they may.

Subject: Aiming Aid For Fast, Automatic, & Accurate Aiming

With all the flat sided mini’s coming out with their short back to front radius, the device could be a big help in insuring fast, mechanical, and correct sight alignment, and fast and accurate target engagement.

Of course, if there are sights on the gun, and if circumstances allow for their use, the sights can and should be used.

Also, if the light is bad, or the situation is a dynamic one, or if the sights are dark and the target is dressed in black and you are at close quarters, you still will have a viable SD option at your disposal.

A couple of magazines and three or four targets at 15 feet +/-, can prove that to be the case.

Consider the aiming aid as a Sight Shooting assistant/enhancement, not a device to thwart use of the sights.

Even the NRA, recognizes the need for shooting options in real-life violent encounters.

In Chapter 6 – of the NRA’s guide to the basics of personal protection in the home that was published in 2000, we find that “…real-life violent encounters occur at very close range, often in reduced-light conditions, and are over in a matter of seconds. One study of Police shootings in a major urban area showed that the majority of encounters took place after dark, at 3 yards or less, in less than 3 seconds, and involved the firing of an average of three shots.”

It goes on to say: “Often, either the assailant or the defender – or both – are moving rapidly during the encounter. Such conditions do not permit the careful alignment of the sights on a specific aiming point on the target.”