Here is a lesson learned from USAR Team Shooter CPT TJ Conners while serving in Iraq.

Story to share from the desert!

Out and about snooping and pooping my team came under sniper fire. The soldiers that I had trained in marksmanship on the Known Distance range, and the way USAR Team Coach SGM Payne trains soldiers at RTC, immediately took fire upon recognizing that distinct “crack”.  The other soldiers stood around wondering why we were taking cover…. One actually tried to say it was firecrackers….

One of my LT’s told me after that “as I was diving behind a truck all I could picture was your ugly mug on the KD range yelling at me to make sure my soldiers pay attention and recognize that sound so when they are being shot at they don’t give anyone a second shot!”  Other than the “ugly” part I’d say he got it!! (he then let me know he couldn’t stop laughing about it behind that truck!)

I’d also say what you guys have taught me over the years has paid off. And I thank you for it.

Remember, the training and knowledge we learn in competition and pass on to our Soldiers has secondary and third order effects beyond high-level marksmanship that will never see a score card, but it is every bit as valuable! Keep up the good work.