Rufus Hussey was a noted master of the sling shot (bean shooter) whose talent was featured on a number of televised interviews, including an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. His skill offers a few insights.

So point shooting can be made to work, but at what cost? At the time of this interview Mr. Hussey was 65 years old. He started with the bean shooter at age 10 and remained a devotee. Considering it takes at least five to ten years of serious pursuit to obtain mastery of most skills, Mr. Hussey has been refining his mastery of his instrument for some five decades. He began formally demonstrating his skill in 1952 and had handmade 4156 sling shots when this interview was conducted. The man lives without the distraction of television, telephone or other modern convenience and the day-to-day work on his farm gives ample opportunity to polish his skills at will.

Despite his very impressive demonstrations he takes a humble stance when asked if he is the best bean shooter in the world. “I’ve not been challenged lately, I don’t know what you’d call. We’ll let you decide that.”