Question received from a Soldier:

My reserve unit is being tasked to train Soldiers on how to use the AK47 and establish a qualification standard for them.

Zeroing and qualifying with the AR series is easy because it is precise and someone has done the math for how much an adjustment moves the point of impact. The AK is far from precise, and I don’t know how much a quarter turn of the front sight moves the elevation or windage. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated.

For zeroing standard length Kalashnikovs, moving the front sight slide to the left or right 1mm changes the strike of the bullet 26cm at 100 meters. This works out to about 9.5 MOA. There is no click adjustment for windage, just a sight pusher and guessing.

One full revolution of the front sight post moves the strike of the bullet 20cm when firing at 100 meters. This is just over 7 MOA.

As to qualifying, a well built AK is accurate enough for passing current Army qual courses. We conducted an event for First Army at Camp Bullis comparing M16s to AKMs. With 145 Soldiers attending, and with the shooting course conducted at 200 yards on a KD range, the M16 scores were about 13% higher. Note that Army standard only requires 6 MOA shooting. Any shooter/rifle combo capable of that much accuracy can shoot “Expert” all day long.

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