What does Rex Applegate have to say about Point Shooting?

The late Colonel Rex Applegate is still referred to as a point shooting authority. In fact, most point shooting advocates today are influenced by, if not outright copying, Applegate’s methods. During World War II, then 2nd Lieutenant Applegate was tasked with adapting the training being given to British Commando forces for use by OSS agents. Applegate’s methodology was published in his 1943 book Kill or Get Killed. Here’s a quote.

“[T]o say that skill with a hand-gun acquired in the usual kind of target shooting is not desirable for the man who principally carries his gun for use in combat is a mistake.  … Target training and combat firing are both needed to make a proficient, all-around combat shot…”

Regarding police training specifically Applegate said,

“Aimed, accurate fire (single or double action) has a definite place in police combat training. After bull’s-eye target accuracy is achieved, the police trainee should then be projected into practical police-type combat ranges, where he shoots at silhouettes under simulated conditions such as he may encounter during routing performance of his many and varied duties.”

You read that right. The man that remains the poster child of point shooting felt that aimed group shooting, on bullseye targets no less, was an important component of combat handgun training. It would seem the point shooting advocates that copy him so often never bothered to actually read his book!

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