Gun owners just don’t get it. Worse, the gun industry feeds their ignorance.

Shooting ability, success with firearms, comes from you. It is impossible to purchase skill. The following articles are not about marksmanship or guns but they cut right to the truth.


Ken Rockwell’s bit on the Equipment Measurbator is especially relevant:


I devised a simple “skill continuum” that has proven very accurate.

Beginner and novice shooters mostly discuss which guns and ammo are “best.”  Ironically, at this level, choice of guns and ammo have little discernable effect.

Intermediates mostly discuss which shooting standards (courses, classes, matches, the targets used, etc.) are best.

Experts define the standards.

We would be better off discussing what shooting skill levels are best to hunt game, defend yourself, train police and military, etc., and how to convince 80 million plus gun owners to aspire to those levels.