Jacob Gottfredson had a great write on the Sniper’s Hide Cup, a sniper-themed competition.


The U.S. Military has had a long-standing policy of downsizing between conflicts and within a context of existing threats. The practice of augmenting active personnel with Reserve and National Guard units is growing. Combat effectiveness is predicated on the quality of training troops receive before deployment. This cannot be accomplished without adequate training resources and cadre. The military has relied more and more on civilian contractors to bridge this gap. During the Vietnam area, no civilian trainers were used. Today, civilian contractors are used in almost all training and logistical requirements the military seeks. Civilian training facilities, logistical support units, and security companies have sprung up around the world to fulfill the ongoing needs of the military and LE communities.

Battle is the payoff. Competition is the indicator. Shooting is a perishable skill. The more matches one participates in, the more likely he is to maintain his skills and his confidence.


On what it takes to be an effective combat marksman: “Solid delivery of the basics on-demand regardless of conditions and fatigue. The shooter still drives the gun — it doesn’t shoot itself.”

–“Sinister Dave”, former commander of the Army Marksmanship Unit