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A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting in Texas
The Hunter Course Team

With its abundance of natural resources and wildlife, Texas is a great state for hunting enthusiasts. With everything from alligators and pronghorn antelopes to the Rio Grande Turkey and the chachalaca, it’s no wonder that hunters flock to the state for both big game and small.

Before planning a hunting trip, however, it is important to be educated on all the requirements and regulations that all hunters must be aware of.
Here are the basics:

First and foremost, all hunters are required to complete Texas hunter safety course in order to receive a valid hunting license.

Anyone born on or after September 2, 1971 must take a Hunter Education Training Course before being allowed to hunt in Texas.

Persons nine years of age and older may take the course, after which proof of certification must be carried at all times while hunting.

The course costs $15 and is available online.

Those above the age of 17 may purchase a deferral, but may only defer the certification for one year.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult who has been certified while hunting.

The course educates hunters on firearms and firearm safety, basic first aid, hunting techniques and tips, along with information on laws, ethical hunting practices and conservancy. Certified hunters may then purchase a hunting license and all permits and tags needed for the season.

Additional training is needed in some areas for crossbow hunting.

Some types of game require additional permits and may be limited to a certain number of kills. It is very important to know the seasons and the various regulations for each type of game.

Hunters must also take care to wear at least 400 square inches of hunter orange vests and headgear for most types of game hunting.

Chasing game onto private property is prohibited without express permission from the landowner.
Texas welcomes hunters, but will not tolerate violation of laws and regulations. There are strict guidelines that hunters must follow for personal safety and to protect the rich diversity of wildlife that Texas is known for.

With hundreds of state parks, US Forest Service lands, and wildlife management areas open to hunters at various times of the year, along with private hunting grounds and tours, Texas offers a diverse array of options for hunters.
The annual hunting permit available through Texas Parks and Wildlife offers year-round hunting, fishing, and camping on nearly a million acres of land. Feral hogs, squirrel, waterfowl, deer, doves, and other game are available to hunters with this permit that costs $48 for the year, or $20 per day. Minors accompanying a permitted adult may hunt for free. There are also youth events for young hunters hosted at various times of the year.

Texas is unparalleled in the country for large and small game and exotic hunting. The well-prepared hunter who has completed the Texas hunter safety course and obtained all necessary permits and licenses can expect to experience the best hunting opportunities available in the nation.
Explore and enjoy the abundance of nature and wildlife that Texas has to offer.