Self-professed tacticool types don’t get it but serious trainers do. Solid fundamental shooting and gun handling skills, such as practiced in organized shooting events, are paramount to success in the field or in combat.

Force on Force training is the equivalent to sparing to boxers. Sparing prepares a fighter for the ring by going hands-on with a real person. As important as it is, sparing is not a substitute for conditioning, heavy bag work and the like. In shooting, dry practice, square range drills and formal events like competition are all important components, as is force on force training.


Quoting from that article, “Many “gunfights” were lost by the more inexperienced shooters due to forgotten manual safeties, fumbled draws and having a poor grip on their guns.” The author pointed out that solid square range training and shooting under some form of stress are prerequisites as crucial skills are learned and tested there before going hands-on.


I’ll say it again: Learn to shoot well enough in competition and you’ll have the fundamentals down well enough to apply anywhere else. Fail to do so and you’ll likely be the one fumbling presentations, forgetting safeties, and missing targets when it counts.


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