Reporting on this will begin to get old but….. maintaining a given stance should require me to prove it.

The best ideas about shooting technique and equipment can trace their roots to formal competition. As yet another example, check out the offset iron sight set up on these Digger’s rifles:

This sort of set up, with an optic for long range precision and a second offset sight for quick, up-close shooting has been common in Open class practical Three Gun competition for at least a decade now. We’re now seeing it trickle down into tactical communities.

I recently showed a tactical pistol with an obvious lineage to IPSC Modified pistols

Chest mounted SERPA holsters on MOLLE gear are a nod to Tommy Campbell’s IPSC rig of the late 70s. Internal holster retention systems can trace back to Bianchi Cup and IPSC shooter Bill Roger’s holster designs. Red dot sights first started appearing in competition in the early 1980’s, first on Bianchi Cup and Bullseye pistols, then Steel Challenge and IPSC.

Previously considered too “Star Wars” and only for “rooney guns” red dot optical sights are now ubiquitous in law enforcement and military circles. Float tubes and bullet designs first invented to allow the AR-15 to compete in High Power are now found on all high-end tactical AR-15s.

So, on behalf of everyone in the competitive shooting community to all of you in the tactical world: You’re welcome!