So, your hero tactical “instructor” is a hard core military type with deployments overseas, huh? Well, isn’t that cute. I wonder how his shooting skill would stack up against a teenage girl.

Too many gun owners interested in tactical shooting – military, law enforcement and civilian alike – wrongly assume skill based on reputation rather than demonstrated, measurable skill. Thankfully, a few folks are big enough to recognize the folly of this and openly admit it when reality steps in. Here’s two examples.


Tactical Intelligence had this write up:

After lunch we fired course after course of the AQT. As mentioned earlier, those who score a 210 or higher on the course earn the Rifleman badge. Out of all of us, only one of our group earned this award. Surprisingly it wasn’t any of the adult guys (one of them being active military). It was a 12-year old girl! What a humbling experience that was! It made me feel a little bit better when I found out she was a competitive shooter. But hey, that’s what makes this event so great, it’s open to all, young and old, male and female.

Funny how so many people will claim competitive shooting is useless, possibly detrimental, until they shoot a scored course of fire with one. Then a competitive shooting background suddenly becomes a big, even unfair, advantage!


Huey’s Gunsight added this:

“Dinky Dau” (a “red hat” instructing one of the students) is a woman. Gentlemen please check your egos upon registration.

Want another reason to check your ego, the young (I do mean young!) lady in the orange instructor’s cap in the background is only 13! She obviously can out shoot me because part of wearing that cap is scoring a 210 on their AQT qualifications, which I did not.