There are a number of problems and errors in this article.

First, this article contains a few factual errors. For example, before claiming things are “required” in competition read the rulebook first.



Equipment and technique first designed in competition has found valuable use in tactical environments. For more on this, read:

Second, complaints about competition are against specific issues with specific events. An organized shoot can take ANY format the designers wish. Sheriff Wilson should describe the format he created to address the issues in his article.

Third, out of 80 million gun owners and 4.3 million NRA members there are less than 0.25 million classified shooters in the United States in any formal shooting competition. 98% of card-carrying NRA members have never attended an NRA shooting event.

Don’t worry, most gun owners aren’t participating in these events anyway. I’ve been a member of one gun club that was forced to shut down due to a lack of participation and membership. Sheriff Jim Wilson, thanks for your article and all your “help.”