Todd Green nails it again.


Most instructor “certification” courses are little more than one organization or person presenting a syllabus to a student and labeling them an instructor after paying a course fee and sitting through a presentation. Few have any specific skill standard that the so-called instructor is supposed to meet. Worse still, many folks pretending to be instructors lack even these minimal credentials and lean back on irrelevant experience such as police or military service.


A firearm instructor should be his/her own best student. A person that can’t teach himself to shoot can’t teach anyone else. This should be an evaluation of skill by a recognized, impartial third party and in front of witnesses. Formal certifications of instructor classes attended are good, preferably from multiple sources, showing exposure to various approaches is good but just the start. A true instructor must have demonstrated higher level ability. If not, the “instructor” is merely a parrot repeating someone else’s curriculum without really understanding it.