The following guest  article was written and submitted by George Harris, President &  CEO of International Firearms Consultants LLC.

We welcome a variety of points of view on the subjects of shooting and marksmanship. Test them objectively on the range and let the results fall where they may.

In our quest to validate our hunting tools, shooting from a bench is the method that most of us use to see what kind of group our firearm and ammunition are capable of. Unfortunately, many shooters stop there and go hunting.

Shooter validation should be the next step prior to going to the field. Shooter validation is simple and should be done after the group shooting is complete.

First select a target similar to the size of the target in the field. An 8″ paper plate replicates the heart lung area of a white tail deer for instance. For prairie dogs a 3″x5″ card placed verticle will get you in the ball park.

The next step is to engage these targets using the field positions likely to be used to take the intended game. Even if the intent is to use a rest, try standing offhand, kneeling, sitting, and prone unsupported just to give you reference should you encounter your quarry in an unexpected condition forcing you to take the shot in a less than ideal circumstance.

The maximum distance that you can put 9 out of 10 shots on the target consistently is the maximum ethical distance that you should attempt to take a game animal. To add to this, take a run or do some pushups just prior to shooting. This will get the heart rate up and will come close to replicating the stress and excitement usually experienced when taking a big game animal.

Practicing the above validates not only the arrow but the Indian as well.

For the Warriors protecting our country, this applies directly to their survival and making the enemy die for his cause and not the other way around.

Take an 8″ plate and position it over the chest area or head of a human. The size is quite similar in both cases. This will give the Warrior some perspective as to their real capabilities on the battlefield when hits that are lethal to their quarry are essential to success.