The National Shooting Sports Foundation published a list of ways to help maintain hunting traditions, but they are mostly limited to once per year during the annual hunt. This list can be used as much as you like any time throughout the year.


  • Go hunting…. every day if you like. Hunting seasons, by necessity, limit the amount of legal hunting in a given location. There is no limit to the number of HunterShooter events that can be held.
  • Share your hunting experiences with everyone in your community. Hunting is normally a solitary activity. HunterShooter events are open to groups. More importantly, just like any formally-scored sporting activity, every event is newsworthy. Better still, Firearm User Network does the promotional activity for you.
  • Tell your hunting stories. Write them down. Take photographs and videos. Share your stories on social media or with an online photo album. The FUNshoot service provides a direct outlet for this every event.
  • Wildlife conservation is funded through the sale of hunting licenses and excise taxes paid on firearms and ammunition, a tax that hunters supported and Congress approved in 1937. Shooting more boosts this. Hunting seasons are once a year. HunterShooter events can be every day.
  • Use the firearm of your choice as long as it meets your state’s hunting regulations. All hunting-legal firearms are HunterShooter legal.
  • Set an example for ethical behavior by practicing and demonstrating it regularly. The public overwhelmingly supports hunting, but unsportsmanlike behavior by even a few hunters can tarnish the reputation of hunting in general. Breaking out a firearm once a year for hunting season (and maybe sight-in) is an accident waiting to happen. Brush up on safe gun handling and good shooting for the field on the range before you buy that license.
  • Learn safety and better shooting in the field by attending solid, realistic events. Bench rest and tin can shooting will never cut it. Learn to shoot better in the field by shooting HunterShooter field simulations on the range.