The following guest article was written and submitted by John Veit. We welcome a variety of points of view on the subjects of shooting and marksmanship. Test them objectively on the range and let the results fall where they may.

NRA Guide To The Basics Of Personal Protection In The Home

by John Veit

The NRA Guide To The Basics Of Personal Protection In The Home was published in 2000.

IT ADVOCATES THE USE OF POINT SHOOTING IN Close Quarters LIFE THREAT SITUATIONS. But, it does not describe just how one Point Shoots.

The guide also states as fact, the common findings of studies of Police Close Quarters combat. And it recognizes that our Fight or Flight response, with its involuntary physiological changes, kicks in automatically in life threat situations. And with FoF activation the use of the sights becomes moot.

So it would be helpful to have guidance on just how one is to Point Shoot effectively, as it could mean the difference of your living or dying in a real self defense situation.

Adding emphasis to that are the NYPD statistics which say that 75% of gunfights occur at less than 20 feet, and that if you are going to be shot and killed, there is an 81% chance that it will be at less than 6 feet, and a 90% chance that it will be at less than 15 feet. The FBI UCR stats 2000 – 2009, say that there is an 82% chance that it will be at less than 21 feet.

On the one hand, it makes life or death sense to learn Point Shooting, but the NRA and/or Gun Makers have yet to publish just how to do it.

They gladly support guns and/or will sell you a gun, but if you have one, you are on your own as to just how to use it effectively in a life or death self defense.

Have I missed something or am I just being critical?

If anyone has references to instructions on just how to Point Shoot in close quarters combat that are published by a GUN MAKER, please post the link/s.

There is a savings grace to this real life and death dilemma. It’s that the miss rate in armed encounters is more than 80%, which means that for every five bullets fired at a target, four + go somewhere else.

So, unless you are having a very unlucky day, chances are you will not be in a gunfight as they really are rare bird situations according to the stats, and if you are in one, you will survive unscathed. :)

(The NRA Guide also gives the same miss rate and makes roughly the same comment about it.)

Here’s a link to my article on the NRA and Point Shooting: