Received from Colorado Pete

What can your front sight/crosshairs tell you?

  • Whether or not you’re focusing on it (sharp vs. blurry iron sight)
  • Whether or not you have proper iron sight alignment
  • Whether or not you have proper sight picture
  • Whether or not your natural point-of-aim is on target (before the shot, and after recoil)
  • How big your wobble zone is in minutes of angle (how well you can hold)
  • Calling where the shot went (you didn’t blink)
  • Ranging device – military front sight width & height (Duplex crosshairs too)
  • Elbow under the rifle (vertical, not diagonal movement while breathing)
  • Detect movement caused by flinching/bucking/jerking in dry fire/ball & dummy
  • Seeing the sight lift in recoil at the shot (you didn’t blink)

Listen to your front sight! Much of your self-diagnosis and improvement can be accomplished by the above list.