The Honorable Renee McElhaney

73rd District Court

Bexar County Courthouse

100 Dolorosa, 2nd floor

San Antonio, TX 78205

Dear Judge McElhaney,

Your decision concerning the A Place to Shoot gun range is suspect and needs to be reconsidered.


The Municipal Golf Association – San Antonio (MGA-SA) is funded by the city and has board members appointed by the city. By your decision, this city-funded organization is now conveniently not associated with the city as it suits them in this matter. If this is the case, and MGA-SA wishes to no longer be an entity of the city, all city funding for them should immediately cease and they be ordered to pay back all received funds with interest. Marksmanship competition is the only sport required by Federal Law (the National Matches are conducted in accordance with Title 36, U. S. Code, § 40725-40727) and any government funding for sport should be directed there.

Police Chief William McManus has said an in-depth investigation could not determine the bullet’s origin and said there was no way to tell if it came from the range. As a small arms instructor with the US Army I know the chances of any claimed errant bullets originating from the A Place to Shoot rifle range is infinitesimal.

We have a city-funded organization illegally suing a shooting range over an incident that likely wasn’t the fault of the range. I respectfully request that you reconsider your decision.


John M. Buol Jr.