Chapter list of Fundamentals of Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship for Hunting and Self-Defense

by Colorado Pete


Rifle Section:
Chapter 1:  What Are We Trying to Accomplish?
Chapter 2:  Rifles and Cartridges
Chapter 3:  The Mind of the Rifle Shooter
Chapter 4:  Sighting and Aiming
Chapter 5: Trajectory and Exterior Ballistics
Chapter 6   Trigger Management
Chapter 7:  Position Shooting Principles
Chapter 8  The Shooting Loop Sling
Chapter 9  The Prone Position
Chapter 10: The Sitting Position
Chapter 11: The Kneeling and Squatting Positions
Chapter 12: The Standing Position
Chapter 13: Bipods, Sticks, and Field Rests
Chapter 14: Terminal Ballistics
Chapter 15: Dealing with Wind
Chapter 16: The Ethical Long Range Hunter
Chapter 17: Practice Drills

Pistol Section:
Chapter 18: Combat Mindset
Chapter 19: Using the Sights
Chapter 20: Trigger Management
Chapter 21: Modern Isosceles
Chapter 22: Practicing the Basics
Chapter 23: The Draw
Chapter 24: Reloading
Chapter 25: Malfunction Clearances
Chapter 26: Hitting Faster
Chapter 27: Multiple Targets
Chapter 28: Target and Shooter Movement
Chapter 29: Strong vs. Weak One-Hand Shooting
Chapter 30: Competition and Professional Training