I will preemptively address any hate mail by clarifying the point of my previous post, MOA Accuracy Out of the Box

Legions of gun owners, especially hunters, would greatly improve their shooting and hunting experience by abandoning all use of the bench and all efforts at load development. As the quoted article points out, the “holy grail” of field rifle accuracy (1 MOA) can now routinely be had over the counter and off the shelf. The battle has been won. Equipment is now good enough that it is no longer a factor, yet, hunters persist to  shoot exclusively off the bench. They have finely tuned rifles and completely lack the ability to use that precision in the hunting environment they claim to be preparing for.

“Formal Benchrest shooter” doesn’t have to be a registered IBS or NBRSA competitor. I know shooters that aren’t formal BenchRest competitors that enjoy precision shooting and load development, using purpose-built rifle built exclusively for bench shooting.  Varminters that take portable bench-like supports to prairie dog towns fit this category, too.


Raw precision is their goal and end game, with no intention of ever shooting that equipment in the field from position. There is no delusion that this work at the loading or shooting bench magically translates to more dead deer.