This is Dave Tubb’s approach to long range rifle shooting for hunting and is one of the least innovative of the “Extreme Accuracy” video series.

He uses a rifle chambered in an over-powered wildcat cartridge and only uses a carry strap wrapped in hasty sling fashion or shooting sticks. There are some good shooting demonstrations but there was a number of hunting/field marksmanship issues ignored. He shoots watermelons standing unsupported (ugh, plinker nonsense!) and uses a steel ram target from Silhouette competition for the long range demos. Shot placement and target angle on real game animals is ignored. Tubb is an excellent marksman and his demonstrations further prove that but there are important field shooting issues not talked about here. Not to worry, most hunters don’t understand them either.

The most valuable section in here is when Tubb demonstrates the effects of different holds and the point of impact changes one can see when zeroing from a bench and then going to a held position. Even a champion rifle shooter using a custom rifle can’t trust a zero from the bench without testing it from a real, held shooting position.

Lesson learned: Hunters, get away from the damn bench rest!