A review of the Pronghorn Sling, offered by Riverside Sling Company, written by Mike Moore. Mr. Moore is a former SWAT Sniper and Gunsite Precision Long Range Instructor.

I have been testing the Pronghorn Sling over the last month. I do rifle instruction at Gunsite and here in Arnaudville. We are stressing being able to shoot a rifle making first round hits to vital zone areas under real field conditions. This means no benches etc. The sling is a great way to enhance our skills and our “body support”.

Most slings are simply carry straps that can be used as “hasty” slings, but they are slow and also put relatively equal pressure to the rear part of the rifle as well as the front, causing conflict. Military style slings alleviate this and work great but are somewhat complicated (very few people understand how to
use one correctly) and are very slow. The Safari and Ching Slings solve some of these problems, but also have multiple straps to hang up on things. They are also somewhat difficult to adjust. They are pricey too.

The Pronghorn is good, carries good and is fast to get into. The loop remains open allowing my arm to enter easily. Once locked into position, it is a great supplemental support.

I will be using it this October in a general rifle class at Gunsite, a Mule deer hunt and an elk hunt in AZ and a Hunter Prep course here in Arnaudville in December.