Some notes on the similarities between the attitudes of competition shooters in the practical disciplines and those of athletes using Crossfit or similar varied fitness protocol.

  1. A willingness to ignore dogma and embrace new ideas (Weaver vs. Mod. Isosceles, Long Slow Distance cardio vs. Tabata-style)
  2. An emphasis on measurability of performance (Classification, Crossfit Athletic skill level)
  3. Pursing broad and diverse skillset vs. one attribute (Compare SensibleShooter/USPSA and Crossfit to Bullseye/High Power and Powerlifting or Marathon running)
  4. Willingness to pursue a single attribute for a period of time in order to raise overall capability (SensibleShooter pursuing ConventionalShooter courses to improve precision shooting, Crossfitter using Starting Strength or other barbell program to boost maximal strength.)
  5. A lack of tolerance for “Internet Tough Guys” (forum trolls) who claim that “x, y, and z are the end all and be all of such and such discipline” yet can’t or won’t back it up at the range or gym.