Defoor Proformance Shooting

Carbine Test #1

10 To 2

Equipment Needed:
One NRA B-8 target
One 30 round magazine
Marksmanship Skill
Physical Fitness

Course of Fire

Start position: 25 yards from the 100 yard line (can begin on the 75 yard line if the range isn’t big enough.) At the start signal run to the 100 yard line, go prone and fire ten rounds on the NRA B-8. Without command, run to the 75 yard line, go kneeling and fire eight rounds. Run the the 50 yard line and shoot six rounds standing, four rounds at 25 yards and two rounds at 10 yards.

This is scored as a Conventional Shooter event, points only with a fixed time limit of three minutes. For training, a score of 270 or higher is a Go. For match use, just add up the points.

Run 25 yds to 100 yd line, prone, 10 rds
Run to 75 yd line, kneeling, 8 rds
Run to 50 yd line, standing, 6 rds
Run to 25 yd line, standing, 4 rds
Run to 10 yd line, standing, 2 rds

Time limit 3 mins
Minimum passing score: 270

Video Demonstration: