Crime and homicides, including those involving firearms, have been declining for decades and continues to do so. Despite continuing to be extremely rare, a few recent tragedies have garnered plenty of national attention.

Gun control debates are based on emotional appeal. If it were left to logic, actual statistics and real concerns, Americans would be scared of automobiles and health problems caused by poor diet and a lack of fitness. If the public paid more attention to their studies in school than to cartoons and “reality” shows, the misguided folks at groups like Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Violence Policy Center would have less political clout than the Flat Earth Society.

Heart disease remains the most likely reason you’ll die. “It’s sort of accepted as part of the background noise, even though it’s far and away the mostly likely reason that you or I will die.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms this:

A proper exercise program coupled with good nutrition could greatly reduce, if not prevent, much of this. A doctor weighs in with his thoughts:
Barbell Training is Big Medicine, by Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD

Video lecture here:

Also according to the CDC, automobiles account for more unintended deaths than any other single cause, as reported on their web site ( the CDC’s WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System)

But you’d rather just grovel in human tragedy as reported in the news. How about this.

If guns never existed, a criminal could use a knife:

If knives never existed it might be a bomb:

If bomb’s didn’t exist, poison is an option:

[Thanks to Kris Friend for digging these up.]

But never mind. Grab a bag of chips and watch hours of coverage of this rare tragedy on the couch. While driving to work, make sure to text all your friends and family about it, too. We have to do something! Somebody else needs to pass laws to keep us safe.