Defoor Proformance Shooting

Pistol Test #3

Equipment Needed:
Concealing Garment
IPSC Target
One six round magazine
Marksmanship Skill
Physical Fitness

Course of Fire

Standing touching the target, at the signal run 50 yards to the 50 yard line, draw from concealment and fire two shots at an IPSC target. Without command, run to the 25 yard line and fire two more shots to the body. Run to the 12 yard line and engage the head box with two rounds, run to the 6 yard line and reengage the head box with two more rounds. Time limit is one minute.

Score A zone=5 points, B/C zone=3 points, D zone or miss scores 0 points. The body and head must have at least 16 total points each with at least two in the upper A zone (“credit card”.)

For match use, this can be a Conventional Shooter scored for points only (adjust time limit down as needed.) For Sensible Shooter run this as Time Plus or Time Factor scoring (no set time limit.)

Run 50 yds to 50 yd line and fire 2 rds in body
Run to 25 yd line fire 2 rds to body
Run to 12 yd line fire 2 rds to head.
run to 6 yd line fire 2 rds to head.

Video Demonstration: