Travis Haley during a portion of the Adaptive Handgun class.

Deadeye Steve, who also goes as Sometimes Trouble made this brilliant observation.

Did I just watch a USPSA stage? Seriously, was that not a USPSA stage?

No use of cover, two shots on paper, steel must fall to score. That’s like every bitch the Timmies launch at USPSA and… These guys were using it as training!

What goes around, comes around. If they only knew that Col. Cooper put that together some 40 years ago.

Now throw a Texas Star in there Travis and have a go at speed and accuracy…

PS. Deadeye Steve‘s Whiskey Series videos are worth a watch.

While we’re on the subject, explain how this is much different than a Steel Challenge stage:

You can shoot stuff like this at local ranges hosting organized events for a few dollars and be exposed to higher level shooting. Or, drive/fly hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to shoot similar courses. Your choice.