Standards of performance are crucial if performance improvement is the goal. A shooting school or instructor that fails to provide a benchmark of skill fails to prepare students for anything.

Ronin Combat Strategies is one group that designed a pistol/rifle shooting standard. Here’s what they have to say about them.

These standards provide the shooter with a baseline test of fundamental combat shooting skills. The staff at Ronin Combat Strategies have trained with the best in the military, police and tactical firearms community. From that training, we realized that although students attend a particular course, they may not have mastered a certain level of proficiency by the end. Every student walks away with a training certificate, but nothing to show for performance level. Ronin Combat Strategies developed a tab system to allow its students a way to display their skill level.

The standards are broken down into 4 levels:

  1. Basic (Tan)
  2. Intermediate (OD)
  3. Advanced (Brown)
  4. Combat (Black)

At the culmination of each course, students will be tested in front of their peers on the combat shooting standards. Those that meet the requirements will be tabbed with an official Ronin Combat Strategies SHOOTER TAB. These tabs are designed to be worn on the back of the Ronin Shooter cap.

Here at Ronin Combat Strategies, we feel strongly about developing a combat mindset, embracing warrior ethos, and for each student to continue on their quest to becoming a well-rounded combat shooter. With each level comes additional reading. This is why we have included numerous references on our further studies page.

Download the course standards.

This is a demo of a student passing at their Advanced (Brown) level.