In the shooting world the novices demand complexity. Tactical scenarios to address imagined, convoluted situations. Endless talk about the “best” equipment.  Above all, novices demand to be entertained. High round count spray fests  and fun reaction targets at every session. Goals will be nebulous if they exist at all. To be “prepared.” To be “tactical.” To win in the “real world.” No path or standard is ever used to assess if the goal is accomplished or getting closer.

High level marksman focus on simple drills to build skills toward a real, measurable, established goal.  There are parallels in the fitness and strength training world as this article by Danny Sawaya demonstrates.

Keeping the Goal The Goal

by Danny Sawaya

My training gained purpose, my workouts weren’t about just killing myself and I had started to focus on strength training without the overtraining aspect. In a short time my deadlift was at 400lbs. Was it that simple? Just train with a purpose, set a goal, don’t train to failure and I could see increases in no time? I felt for the first time in years I could be on the path to being very strong, and I didn’t think being in my mid 30’s was the end for me, but rather a beginning.

Viewing workouts as a practice made all the difference. I thought of myself as an athlete that needed to improve on these skills as my profession. Getting bored is not an option. Someone ask me if I was getting bored, and that thought hadn’t even entered my head till they mentioned it. The fact was I was in the zone. As Fellow RKCII Michael Perry put it, “there ain’t nothing boring about getting stronger”.

This isn’t random acts of exercise or high intensity cardio. If you are a cardio/adrenaline junkie then remember this is a STRENGTH program. Don’t worry, unless you’re getting into the ring with Georges Saint Pierre next month you don’t need all that high intensity conditioning right now anyway. Do your 50 swings or snatches each workout with a moderate weight and move on. Conditioning comes back rather quickly.

Remember keeping the goal the goal.