Josh Barrow of The Hunter’s Network ( offers this advice on the purpose of Advertising vs. Publicity.


There is a clear and strong line between using publicity and advertising to market and expand your service or business. This line of course is that publicity comes free while advertising is usually a method used while paying for its service. Publicity can come in the form of your business or service being published in a newspaper article, a story reviewing your performance and now more so than ever….the internet.

But that’s not the end of it, which has more punch behind its reach and influence on potential clients or customers in your industry? Publicity is unique and stands out from marketing as long as it is positive publicity in the sense that your business is receiving recognition based on its positive performance, knowledge, and is being recognized among competitors in your industry from a third source. As many of us are at this time, using the internet as a benchmark for releasing or publishing content and insight to the public is almost easier than ever.

However, before you go releasing any public content, articles, blogs, etc. be sure that your content is relevant and serves as an answer to:

  1. Why would or should someone want to read or be interested in my article or content?
  2. Who is it that you are trying to reach and who cares?
  3. How can others reading or reviewing my content benefit from its information?

If you cannot come up with a relevant or sound answer to these questions, it may be best to review your article before releasing it to the public. The internet is being filled with content everyday and it is becoming harder and harder to shine among all of the white noise. Try to avoid things in your articles, messages, blogs, etc. such as sale pitches…self-promotions…or just downright ignorance. Readers will often take these things and ignore your information all together at first glance. Instead make sure that your content serves a purpose and has a positive answer to the three questions above. Following vs. ignoring these tactics could mean the difference between you and your business portraying a negative public image as compared to being seen as a valuable company in your target industry with valuable knowledge and insight into your practices.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment and share with others in the industry your insight into advertising vs. publicity!