Words of wisdom from Steve Reichert, as part of his article called Gunfighting 101

When I got back to town and hit the rack, I couldn’t help but think about how much money folks all over the U.S. waste on “feel-good” training. They buy all this cool-guy gear, wear multicam everything (because that’s what the “operators” wear), spend $3k on a WWI-technology handgun, and have a ton of gear they neither need nor know how to use. Once they have their cool-guy kit set, they seek out big names in the training industry and shell out thousands on training they could easily do at home.


Pick any big name out there—what do they do? They show up at a location, run their suck for a while (a few old guys run it way too much), then have the students go hot on the range. Their drills may vary, and the type of paper/static-steel targets might change, but for the most part you’re paying to have some guy run you through drills you could probably do on your own.


Plus, if the student-instructor ratio is above 5:1, you don’t get much for your money. When Mr. Big shows up to teach a class of 15, he can only watch one of you at a time. If you are jacked up, you will only get a fifteenth of the attention, so you’re mainly doing feel-good drills without learning much.