Deadeye Steve, who sometimes posts under Sometimes Trouble, had this write up on scoring. Check out his YouTube page ( and the original post (

I was playing with math tonight on the scores – a little mathterbation.

If you divide the 2 points lost by your Hit Factor for the stage you will know the time equivalent for the 2 points lost shooting a C in Minor Power Factor.

Comstock scoring is determined by taking the earned points, subtracting any penalties and procedurals and dividing by the elapsed time. You can look at it individually on the stage or across the match.

For me, a single C hit was like spending an additional 0.29 seconds each time and getting an A…

Would it really cost you that much more time to have gotten an A hit. The answer is almost certainly, “hell no.”

A -10 penalty?

Divide the 10 pnts by your HF. The one procedueal I had was like spending 1.37 seconds longer shooting the same stage.

A -15 for a Mike not made up?

Divide -15 pnts by your HF for the stage. Had my procedure been a miss not make up it would have been like shooting the stage 2.37 seconds slower.

I crushed one stage and beat everyone by about 3 seconds or more. I also gave up 22 pnts on a 140 point stage (call it 7 C and 2 D). I earned only 84% of the stage points. My 22 points down on that stage was like shooting it perfect in 3.16 sec slower.

Had I taken even .1 longer to be certain of those 9 shots and scored A hits instead, my time would have been 17.87 instead of 16.97 and my HF soared to 7.8344 from a 6.9534. It would have been a crushing win on the stage. I could have stolen 15 pnts away from the next closest competitor.

Noodle on that and shoot Alphas. That is all.