Ever see those signs posted in businesses where the proprietor forbids concealed weapons? Despite doing business in a state that recognizes and licenses trained individuals to carry, these short-sighted business owners go out of their way to alienate peaceful customers that are only operating within the letter and spirit of the law. Never mind the fact that the patrons likely operated an automobile, a far more powerful and potentially dangerous technology, just to arrive at the establishment.


Bill Schmitz,  Chairman of the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association, explains why this practice may open the business up to liability.


Understanding the Liability of Posting your Business

by Bill Schmitz

WCCA (wisconsinconcealedcarry.com)

We are adults, and are responsible for our own actions.  As such, if you do not post and someone comes in and does something dumb with a gun that is on them, not you or your business. You will have no liability.


If, however, you do post, you are accepting a great liability and responsibility.  It goes like this.


If you post and one has to disarm to enter they are doing so at your request WITH THE IMPLICIT UNDERSTANDING that You are accepting the mantel of responsibility for their continued health, safety and well being. This responsibility begins from the moment they close the car door till they return to the car and everywhere in-between.  If anything should happened to them that a properly-trained and armed person could have responded to, they, or their heirs, will own you and your business.


Add to that, the only thing you are doing by posting a sign is advertising a Defenseless, Target Rich Environment to anyone with evil intent.


Have you the means to post guards with metal detectors, to prevent anyone with ill intent from entering, to protect the good folk who, following your request, have disarmed themselves?


Your posted signs will mean nothing and will not make you safe if someone wishing to do damage has a body count goal.
Also, we at WCCA are adding to our site any businesses that post for all to see, and avoid, with both their guns and their money. I do hope this helps in your decision.


And yes, we do have signs you can use instead. They  say, to the Good Folk of Wisconsin:  “You and Your Firearms are welcome in this Establishment”