Tom Givens completed a 25-year career in law enforcement and has instructed for Rangemaster since 1996. He has kept data on all his students, of which 60 of them have been involved in shootings over a five year period. The result: An over 90% hit ratio, which outperforms any law enforcement agency on record. Here is the course of fire he recommends.

Tom Givens Rangemaster Handgun Core Skills Test, Comstock Count
Use electronic timer and record the time for each stage.
3 yds Sidestep, draw, and fire 4 rds. _________

5 yds Sidestep, draw and fire 5 rds total , 3 to the chest,
2 to the head. _________

5 yds Start gun in dominant hand only, fire 4 rds. _________

5 yds Start gun in non-dominant hand, fire 5 rds. _________

7 yds Draw and fire 6 rds. _________

7 yds Start at Ready, 3 rds only in gun. Fire 3 rds, reload, and
fire 3 more rds. _________

10 yds Draw and fire 3 rds. _________

15 yds Draw and fire 4 rds. _________

25 yds Draw and fire 3 rds. _________

40 rds total. Total time __________ Target points _________
IALEFI-QP scored 5,3,0/RM-2 scored 5,3/VSRT scored 5,4,3
Score targets. Divide points by total time, for Index. Multiply Index X 20 for Final Score. Par Score = 100.
80-100 = Very good. 100-124= Advanced 125+= Master

Score_________ divided by ___________X 20= _____________

Mr. Givens says you can use an IDPA target, scored 5/3/1, and add a 3″ circle in the head for the head shots.

Note the man whose students enjoy a better than 90% hit rate in fights is an active competition shooter, having been a former Class A IPSC competitor, multiple IDPA state champion and IDPA Master class shooter.