The following guest article was written by Karl Rehn

We welcome a variety of points of view on the subjects of shooting and marksmanship. Test them objectively on the range and let the results fall where they may.

Anyone that has put any time in mastering the handgun, particularly practical/defensive handgun, knows these truths:

1) Most shots are missed not from improper sight alignment, but as a result of jerking & yanking the trigger.

2) There is no “point vs sighted” shooting. It’s not “A or B” as the solution to every shot at every distance. The larger and closer the target, the less precise the sights have to be aligned; the farther and smaller, the more the sights are needed.

3) Those that learn to use their sights can quickly learn to go faster and “see less”; those that learn “point shooting” often have terrible trigger control and struggle to get acceptable hits on smaller and farther targets. (In Tom Givens’ data set of 56 student-involved shootings, most occurred at ranges less than 15 feet, but one occurred at 20 yards. In that incident, the one shot fired hit the attacker in the “X-ring” and stopped the fight.)

4) Competence with a handgun requires frequent, realistic practice. That means drawing, moving, shooting from cover, shooting humanoid targets (and partially exposed humanoid targets), with realistic time limits. The “everyone needs to qualify today” mindset of law enforcement and military programs, and the desire to run many shooters all in parallel, on a square range, often causes handgun training in these institutions to fall back to bullseye/PPC style courses with overly large targets (B27) and overly slow time limits. The 90 round IDPA classifier is an excellent test of practical handgun skills, as is the 6 round “FAST” drill from Todd Louis Green. Sadly most law enforcement and military shooters would be hard-pressed to score at the 50% mark on these tests – at least based on my observations of them, because the amount of practice required to get to that 50% level exceeds the time programmed for handgun training and qualification.